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To get your messages across the digital universe and to test their effectiveness you must navigate the ins and outs of Google search and Google’s (mostly free) tools—especially Google Analytics. Rather than leave it to chance that your PR and marketing messages are reaching their intended audience over your competitors’, attend PR News’ Workshop: Google for Communicators on June 6, 2016, in Miami and learn how to make Google’s vast and growing suite of tools and applications work for you.

At this PR News workshop, you will get the best tips and case studies in how to use Google’s technology to meet their communications goals—and then go far beyond them.

And then stay for PR News’ June 6-8 Digital PR & Marketing Conference at Miami’s Ritz-Carlton—the most important conference of the year for PR and marketing professionals.

Conference Co-Chairs


Diane Schwartz
SVP & Group Publisher
PR News

Steve Goldstein
Editorial Director
PR News


You’ll become an expert in:

Content marketing

Social analytics to improve customer care

Creating influencer campaigns on a tight budget

Adapting to Facebook’s growing emphasis on video

Snapchat to broadcast your brand

Paid social media

Visual storytelling

Working across silos on Facebook and Twitter

You’ll take away practical knowledge on how to:

  • Understand Google’s latest search engine optimization (SEO) ranking factors and how they affect the success of your daily communications efforts
  • Writing for Google search
  • Develop compelling, in-depth and timely content that is relatable and raises your search ranking on Google
  • Establish a process for structuring content that gets traction
  • Analyze your site and determine whether it is optimized for search
  • Use keywords, links and meta tags effectively without harming your page ranking
  • Determine the difference between on-page and off-page factors and their impact on SEO
  • Adapt your content to Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm changes
  • Title your web pages and use alt tags to get your content picked up in search
  • Communicate your communications goals to your web team so you can work together to make your site and your content findable on mobile devices
  • Understand the basics of Google Analytics so that you can move on to more complex measurement
  • Establish a measurement framework with Google Analytics that includes objectives, goals, metrics and targets
  • Use Google Analytics data to answer key questions about which content drives traffic
  • Obtain measurement data that you can use to improve brand outreach
  • Determine which data provides the most accurate picture of your brand’s performance on Google

Here’s just a taste of what attending a PR News conference is like.

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